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Company History

In 1877 the American District Steam Company (ADSCO) designed and built the country's first district heating system in Lockport, New York. To compensate for thermal expansion of distribution piping conveying steam, Adsco engineers invented the first expansion joint.

Since 1877 Adsco has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of expansion joints with customers around the globe.

Over a century of product development evolved into today's line of expansion joints. From low pressure exhaust duct systems to high temperature cat cracker applications, Adsco expansion joints provide an experienced solution for thermal expansion compensation.


At Adsco our expertise, gained from over 124 years of experience designing and manufacturing expansion joints, sets us apart from the rest. We have designed and manufactured expansion joints for almost every conceivable application.

Our engineers have the field experience necessary to understand your application and help you to select the appropriate expansion joints for your needs.


At Adsco we are committed to provide you, our customer, with the highest level of service possible. Our superior designs, manufacturing, and testing techniques assure you of purchasing the best expansion joint being offered today.

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