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Corruflex® Packless Expansion Joints

Adsco Corruflex® expansion joints are designed based on over 124 years of engineering experience.

Designing bellows style expansion joints presents the design engineer with challenges not faced with most other engineered products.

The most significant of these is the design of the bellows. Bellows are unique in that, unlike springs, most of their deflections produce bending stresses in excess of the materials' yield strength. Understanding the performance characteristics and capabilities of various material alloys in this "plastic" deformation region requires years of design experience and testing.

Because of the unique challenges faced when designing an expansion joint it is critical that the joint be designed and manufactured by someone who has the engineering and practical experience to design an expansion joint that will perform as required.

The primary function of a bellows expansion joint is to absorb the thermal expansion or contraction of a pipeline while, at the same time, containing the flowing media and withstanding the design temperature and pressure. This is achieved through the flexibility that is designed into the bellows expansion joint.

It is this flexibility that allows the bellows to absorb either axial, lateral or angular motions. Different expansion joint styles are available to accommodate the required motions or loadings of the piping system.

To address your expansion joint needs, Adsco produces the following different styles of Corruflex® expansion joints: Follow the links to each of the above products to obtain more detailed information about how they work, in what ways they are flexible, and what piping applied loads and moments they can accept.
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