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For over 124 years Adsco has been designing expansion joints for almost every conceivable application.

Designing an expansion joint presents challenges not usually seen in most other areas of engineering.

For example, when designing a bellows style expansion joint, the bellows element is constructed of a relatively thin gage material in order to provide flexibility that is needed to absorb mechanical and thermal motions in a pipe system, while still containing the internal pressure. Therefore, the designer must understand that these motions will usually impose stresses in the bellows that will be in the plastic stress region of the material.

This, along with many other design aspects of a bellows expansion joint, requires years of experience and design equations based on this emperical understanding.

Because of these unique engineering challenges, it is important to ensure that your expansion joint supplier has not only extensive design, manufacturing and testing experience but also the field experience necessary to understand how their products perform in real world applications.

Adsco has been in the business of designing and manufacturing expansion joints longer than anyone else. When selecting an Adsco expansion joint, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the highest quality expansion joint on the market today.

Who else can say that they have over 124 years of experience optimizing expansion joint design for applications just like yours?

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