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Expansion Joints

Adsco Manufacturing has a wide range of expansion joints available for almost every conceivable need. If your situation presents unique challenges, please contact us and we will work with you to engineer a product to meet your needs.

Slip-Type Expansion Joints (Packed)

Adsco Slip-Type expansion joints are designed and constructed following the general rules of the ASME and ANSI Pipe Codes. Rigid standards and specifications used by Adsco also ensures compliance with Military Specification MIL-E-17814.

Corruflex® Metal Bellows Expansion Joints (Packless)

Adsco Corruflex® expansion joints are designed and constructed to rigid standards and specifications and are in compliance with Military Specification MIL-E-17813F, Type I & Type II, Class 1-Single, Class 2-Double.

Fabric-Master Non-Metallic

Adsco Fabric-Master non-metallic expansion joints are designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to solve complex thermal expansion problems in low pressure gas duct systems at temperatures up to 1100° F.

High Pressure Compensators

Adsco High Pressure Compensators provide an economical and efficient method of absorbing thermal movement in small steam and hot water heating systems.

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