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Corruflex® Externally Pressurized
Expansion Joints

Adsco Corruflex® PM Pressure Master expansion joints are designed for axial movement only with pressure being applied externally to the corrugations.

This unique construction results in a design capable of absorbing large amounts of axial movement, since an unlimited number of corrugations can be used without concern for bellows instability or squirm, which can be a limitation with internally-pressurized designs.

Integral internal and external guides ensure true axial movement, reduce the number of pipe alignment guides normally required and prevent the contractor from using the expansion joint to accommodate angular or lateral pipe misalignment.

This ensures that the expansion joint will only be used for movement within its design capabilities, resulting in a leak-free, long-term installation.

The external housing is designed for full line pressure; thus, in the unlikely event of a bellows leak, the media could not escape radially outward.

Since the internal sleeve is the same thickness as standard weight carbon steel pipe, the Adsco "PM" design is insensitive to flow direction and can safely be used in pipelines that have reverse flow conditions.

The integral internal sleeve prevents flow induced bellows vibration, and provides protection to the bellows in abrasive flowing media.

Adsco "PM" expansion joints are ideally suited for direct buried installation in steam, condensate, chilled water and other piping systems.

The Adsco "PM" can be furnished with an optional patented Flow Restrictor and is in full compliance with E.J.M.A. Safety Recommendations, Section B-1, paragraph B. and MIL-E-17813F, Class 4.
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