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Fabric-Master "FM" Expansion Joints

Adsco's Fabric-Master "FM" expansion joints are designed to provide long maintenance free service over a wide range of applications.

Two types of expansion belts are used in the construction of Adsco's Fabric Master "FM" expansion joints. An elastomeric design is used for temperatures up to 600°F. These are constructed by placing sheets of either EPDM, Chlorobutyl, Viton, or Fluoroplastic over fiberglass cloth and vulcanizing at high temperature and pressure to form a homogeneous and strong flexible belt. Single or double ply designs are available.
For temperatures between 600°F and 1100°F a composite design is used. This consists of a single ply elastomer belt on the outside insulated from the higher process temperatures by layers of fiberglass, or ceramic insulating materials. Outer edges are wrapped with fiberglass cloth and stapled together.
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