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Non-Metallic Expansion Joints

Adsco's non-metallic expansion joints are designed to absorb axial, lateral, angular and torsional movements in gas ducting systems.

Since their introduction in the early sixties, the use of non-metallic expansion joints has continuously grown. The advent of more rigid emission standards has caused the use of more complex ductwork systems.

Non-metallic expansion joints have been used in place of traditional all-metal expansion joints to solve problems caused by the thermal and mechanical stresses generated in these complex systems.

Fabric-Master "FM" Expansion Joints

Adsco "FM" Fabric-Master non-metallic expansion joints are designed to provide an inexpensive alternative to solve complex thermal expansion problems in low pressure gas duct systems at temperatures up to 1100°F.

Dog Bone Expansion Joints

Adsco Dog Bone expansion joints are specially designed for turbine/condenser connections at full vacuum up to 15 psig.

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