Adsco Manufacturing expansion joints

Patented Packing Ram Manifold Assembly
Patent Number: 5,421,621

Adsco Manufacturing LLC is pleased to announce the availability of our exclusive patented Packing Ram Manifold Assembly.

The concept of the Manifold Assembly was developed by Adsco based upon feedback obtained from installations that were experiencing problems with the maintenance of Ram-Pak Slip Joints. Due to small space allowances for the expansion joints, some of the Ram Assemblies were inaccessible after the units were installed. Without full access to all Ram Assemblies, packing cannot be added properly to the unit since it is essential that all Rams have packing added to them uniformly.

Adsco quickly responded to this situation by developing and testing the Packing Ram Manifold Assembly which is shown below. After several years of problem-free operation in the field, Adsco is now making this additional feature available as a standard option on all Ram-Pak Slip Joints.

The Manifold Assembly allows Slip-Joints which are installed near walls, or any other obstructions to have packing properly added in a uniform manner. The Manifold is designed to connect all of the inaccessible Ram Bodies together and allow the addition of packing to them as it is required. This approach has proven to be markedly superior to the old style "angle gun" method which is still used by other manufacturers.

The Manifold Assembly can be furnished on either the model "RJ" or "RBJ" Slip-Type Ram-Pak Expansion Joints.

Adsco Model "RBJ" slip joint complete with Manifold Assembly