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Type "RBJ" Ram-Pak

Now available with Adsco MHAH packing, for up to 1000 psig, 875°F.

"RBJ" Ram-Pak has outstanding exclusive design features which appeal to piping engineers looking for long traverse, long life and low maintenance expansion joints.

1. Body is fabricated steel, but it can be constructed of other materials. Body can be furnished with either a flanged or welding end.

2. Internal guide/limit stop - Bronze guide ring attached to the end of the slip ensures maximum rigidity at full compression (where it's needed most) and prevents slip disengagement should an anchor fail.

3. Adsco-R-Pak - Semi-plastic self-lubricating packing available in a variety of compositions to meet your system's pressure requirements.

4. Adsco shut-off valve - 1/4 turn shut-off valve prevents blowback of packing under full line pressure.

5. Ram - The ram packing cylinders are carbon steel, welded in place and are designed for injecting packing under full line pressure.

6. External guide ring is made of nonferrous material to ensure close tolerance guiding without scratching or scoring of the slip.

7. Slip is steel accurately machined and ground with chromium over nickel plate on the ground surface. VanStone slips of chromium-plated seamless steel, cast bronze or stainless steel can be furnished at additional cost.

8. Bases for single joints are optional - if provided they can be used as main anchors. Intermediate anchor bases are furnished on all double joints.

9. Drip is furnished only when specified.

Additional Features

  • External/Internal guiding provides true axial movement which increases packing and slip life.
  • Available with the patented Packing Ram Manifold Assembly to allow uniform addition of packing in confined spaces.
  • Complies with MIL-E-17814E, Type IV-Form B, Single Class 1, Double Class 2.
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