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Slip-Type Expansion Joints

When your system requires a long-term solution, Adsco Slip-Type expansion joints are the answer.

Adsco Slip-Type expansion joints are designed and constructed following the general rules of the ASME & ANSI Pipe Codes. Rigid standards and specifications used by Adsco ensure compliance with Military Specifications MIL-E-17814.

Type "IS" Gland-Pak

Adsco Type "IS" Gland-Pak is ideal for use where a guided expansion joint is desired, but where space is limited.

Type "RJ" Ram-Pak

The "RJ" Ram-Pak Slip-Type expansion joint offers exceptional value as a method of absorbing thermal expansion in pipelines and process systems.

Type "RBJ" Ram-Pak

"RBJ" Ram-Pak has outstanding exclusive design features which appeal to piping engineers looking for long traverse, long life and low maintenance expansion joints.
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